The Curious Leaf: Voyage to the Sea 004

TCL#2 CoverThe sight made Kya want to run and scream, cry and rage, hide and forget. Instead, she took a tentative step forward.

Then another.

And another.

“May I?” she asked, holding out her hand. Though she had been a flower of repute so small that she’d only mattered to her keeper, the greenlife and knowing was stored deep within her roots—for all that she’d left them behind for a pair of wings and a beautiful ship.

The sea gave Kya a wary look, a wounded creature that would bite the hand trying to mend and heal, like as not. But she couldn’t think of teeth right now—no matter how fierce or sharp. All she could focus on was the pain of the sea’s wound.

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New Book Release

Happy Friday!

I’m happy to announce the release of Bottomless (a short story set in the world of Tales of the Snow Queen) in anticipation for the August release of Tale 2 of the Snow Queen: Of Firebirds and Frost. It isn’t vital to read, but it provides extra context into both Lyralind and the world if you read it before Of Firebirds and Frost.


Bottomless was previously published in the Saltwater Curiosities anthology last year, but I published it as a standalone specifically as an extra for the Tales of the Snow Queen series.

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