New Release: Dragonspell


You’re never truly done with a series until you’ve written the prequel. ? At least, that’s how The Fairy Godmother Dilemma series worked for me. (The actual writing order–as opposed to reading order–was Firespell, Frogspell, Catspell, Applespell, Trollspell, Dragonspell. Reading order is: Dragonspell, Catspell, Firespell, Applespell, Frogspell, Trollspell.)

This is the story that predates Catspell by a bit. (How’s that for specific? ?) And goes into a bit of the background of Pickle-Prick et al.

A fairy godmother can never catch a break.

Nerissa should have been getting ready to celebrate another successful Happily Ever After. Instead, she has to track down her runaway DID—Damsel in Distress—who may or may not have been kidnapped by a dragon.

A dragon who happens to be a close, personal friend.

But time is running out. Her DID has attracted the attention of some very powerful winds bent on gaining their freedom—and they aren’t above using her DID to gain it.

So that’s one fairy tale temporarily on hold while Nerissa deals with a dragon, seven errant winds, and her DID.

Because if there’s one thing a fair godmother won’t tolerate, it’s an Unhappily Ever After.

If you’ve ever wondered about The Fairy Godmother Dilemma, Dragonspell gives you a perfect taste of what is waiting, although there is an extreme lack of Myles and all the snark his POV brings to the story. (This is, of course, his favorite book because it predates his knowledge of both the cats and fairy godmothers.)

By way of thanking you and all the readers that have stuck it out with me, Dragonspell is free. Download your copy today!

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The Curious Leaf: Voyage to the Moon 004

TCL CoverKya closed her eyes and saw the moon’s country in all its unfettered glory. There was beauty and order, but as her mind’s eye rooted deeper, she saw a wildness hiding just below the surface. It was hungry as all great magicks are, but had the civility to use cutlery where it had it, and long, tapered fingers—slender, but strong—where it had none.

As she turned her mind’s eye to the gate, the silver leaves and star flowers swirled together into a long face with star fire eyes and slender teeth that jutted out of a too-wide mouth. It managed, somehow, to eye both her hand and herself with a hungry gleam, waiting patiently while it considered whether she was prey or hunter.

Kya gasped and opened her eyes. The gate stood with silver elegance, silent and toothless, but her gasp had been enough to turn a small key in the lock she hadn’t noticed before. The key chimed against the lock, and the gate swung open on well-greased hinges.

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