The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

πŸŽ„Β It’s that time of year again. πŸŽ„

When the air turns cold with winter’s breath and snow blankets the world, wrapping it up against the chill. When the scent of fir and cinnamon and gingerbread settle comfortably about you.

And best of all, author Katharina Gerlach‘s annual Indie Advent Calendar is here again!

🎁 Sign up to get a flash story (really, really, really short story) per day until Christmas. If you subscribe to the calendar, you’ll also receive bonus content* from each of the authors involved, as well as all the stories bundled into an ebook that will be delivered to you on Christmas Day. 🎁

What better gift is there than the gift of words or stories?**

So hot coco and cookies in hand, come join the fun!


* My contribution this year is a short story that happens in the next leg of Rune’s journey. (The first being The Ruby Queen’s Garden.) The bonus for this is a free copy of the complete The Ruby Queen’s Garden ebook before I’ve even finished posting it here.

** Sharing words and stories with your friends, of course. If you know someone who loves words and magical Christmas-ish stories, be sure to share the link!