What is a Storyverse?

Put simply, a storyverse is the world in which the story (or stories, as the case may be) happens. Shared worlds in the storyverse means that the world and magic laws are the same, as well as the geography of the world itself.

There are a few storyverses in the Curious Leaf Press world. Here’s a list to keep them straight:

Folk and Mortal Realms:

  • Bitten
  • The Curious Leaf
  • Mira Morganstein: Queen of the Nearly Dead Fae


  • The Fairy Godmother Dilemma
  • The Cobbler Mage Series
  • The Secret Stepsister Society

Other Worlds Yet to Be Named:

The World of The Snow Queen

The Monster World of the UnderWhere, et. al

As the stories keep coming, please be assured that the storyverses will expand as well. 🙂


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