Unforeseen Dragon Invasion

Eep! It’s been awhile. My humblest of apologies. A number of dragons decided to come to roost, which of course upset the cows, the goats, and a number of fair maidens.

But not to worry. Though a bit singed around the edges–and hair that’s quite a bit shorter (it grows back, right?)–we’re still up and running. Mostly. Behind the scenes where it appears a number of pixies have been stashing their Unwanted Things, and the squirrels of the kingdom have hidden an enchanted forest’s worth of acorns.

Serial posting shall resume on Monday (or thereabout).

In the meantime, I managed to set loose a couple of books while fighting off dragons on one hand and clearing up the clutter and acorns with the other. If you haven’t already, stop by and check out the shiny new pages:

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Things that are upcoming:

On the Writing Desk:

  • Reverie (Hopefully to be delivered to subscribers in April)
  • Sleeping Rose (To be published near the end of May)

On the Editing Pillory:

  • Wisped Away (Still plugging along.)
  • Curiosities of the Enchanted Forest (Also still plugging along.)


The Faerie Thief: The Ruby Queen’s Garden 015

The Ruby Queen's Garden (Episode One)Gwyn landed with a bone rattling thump next to a manicured rose tree cut into the shape of a heart.

She only had enough time to get her bearings—and slip her gloves back on—before something small, reddish-brown, and spiky zoomed past her, missing her nose by the narrowest of margins.

Though it was foolish, she lay in place for a moment to catch her breath and reorient herself to a world dulled by gloves until it had gone barren of all magic.

All magic, of course, but the—

“What are you doing?” the Ruby Queen shrilled, mincing toward her with the grace of a poppy and the teeth of a venus fly trap. She had one of the servants propped up against her shoulder like a parasol and her crown pushed slightly back from her forehead.

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The Curious Leaf: Voyage to the Sea 002

TCL#2 CoverKya watched with horror. Her wings were soaked, and even if she could fly, they would become little more than tatters of color streaming out from her back in a storm such as this.

She reached out as a streak of silver went tumbling past her, and managed to catch hold of it before Hearthorne fell away. She cradled the bowl to her chest and looked desperately for a place to wait out the storm. Now that she wasn’t holding on to anything, she fell and tumbled with the motions of the ship and the storm until Kya wasn’t sure which way was up or down.

Eventually, she made it to the small hatch on the deck. The door had come open, and was straining at its hinges as it flapped in the wind. Clutching Hearthorne, Kya half fell, half climbed her way down the ladder.

Water boiled up to her calves when she splashed to the bottom, and she wrinkled her nose against the stench of the saltwater.

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Secrets of the UnderWhere: Welcome to the UnderWhere 010

Welcome to the UnderWhere (Episode One)The puddles of water grew oblong as they walked along, widening until, at last, they converged upon the buttery path. Bottle-green water lapped at the newly created shore, and a soft wind blew over the waters, perfuming the air with brine and the elusive scent of free, clear waters.

“Oh,” Glop sighed, his eyes wide as he dropped to his knees. He put a tentative finger into the water before Wednesday could stop him and held a glistening finger up for Gahtoof’s inspection.

“You like the water?” Wednesday murmured, coming up to kneel beside him.

Glop opened his mouth, but Wednesday firmly clamped a vermillion-scaled hand over his lips. “Remember?” he whispered.

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Mira Morganstein: The Pink Lemonade Club 014

The Pink Lemonade Club (Episode One)A smile crept into the corners of Mira’s lips. Did this mean that she only had one more year to go with the Pink Lemonade Brigade? In general, she had nothing against the elderly, but there had always been something different—off—with the old ladies in the Pink Lemonade Brigade. Something that belied the way they looked and hinted at mystery.


Their eyes were too bright, too knowing, and they never came all at once. Instead, they seemed to prefer to visit one at a time over the course of a week or so every year. Most of them had long hair they twisted up into intricate knots that were often hidden by the ridiculously large floppy hats with flowers stuck round the bands they always wore.Read More