Mira Morganstein: The Pink Lemonade Club 001

20 May 2015 Storyteller-in-Chief

MMCoverIn which Mira celebrates her Eleventy Year, acquires a fairy doll of dubious origins, meets a changeling, and learns that she is to be the next Queen of the Nearly Dead Fae.

Preliminary Report by Bodkins A Hatpin to Her Majesty of the Realm

Subject: Mira Morganstein a.k.a Our New Queen In Potentia

Topic: The Subject’s Fascination with the Number Three, Glitter, and Fancy Dresses.

Your Majesty,

As per your request, I have studied the girl in question. While the magic is in her blood, I am still not settled as to whether or not her personality is compatible with her future duties. My findings are below.

Mira Morganstein has always wanted to be a princess.

If it is pink, frilly, or sparkles, she wants one. Two is better, and three, perfect.

Mira always does things by threes if she can help it—which will be both a strength and a hinderance.

So far as we have been able to ascertain, she believes three is a special number that is, at its heart, the direct opposite of what it says it is. An odd number, yet it is made of two half circles stacked one on top of the other. It has three points aimed at the left, but always looks forward. It is an unfinished letter “B”, and its number of points odd and its curves even.

She is the sort of person who finds comfort in a number that is more like a metaphor than a simple symbol used to denote the space between two and four. Her math teacher, Ms. Simmons, a mortal fraught with reality, despairs of ever getting Mira to write a three without flourishing it somewhere.

According to Mira:

“Three says a thousand things in a single blink.”

When she isn’t flourishing her threes in math, Mira dreams of the dresses she’d wear if she were a princess.

Fluffy, airy concoctions that are spring and a sweet shop all rolled up in one. Long skirts that swish against her legs while they “uncurl behind her in a frothy train.” Sometimes she “glitters with thousands of tiny rhinestones sewn into the bodice,” while other times she “glimmers thanks to the efforts of a million sequins.”

Due to her fascination with shiny objects, her flair for day dreaming, and the faerie gold she’s hoarding beneath her bed, it is clear that she is nearly ready to take up her scepter and crown.

Whether or not she is able to keep it is another thing entirely.


If someone told her she would one day be a faerie princess, she would be thrilled. In her mind, what could be more perfect than beautiful gowns, jewel encrusted tiaras, and wings?

Of Note:

Unbeknownst to her, but not to the Folk in the Higher Accounting and Naming, Mira does happen to be a faerie princess. And as such, with the regrettable news that her predecessor * has moved on,** it is time to see if the princess *** has what it takes to fill the shoes of a queen.


Send Toadwort to break the news to her. He is the most expendable and least likely to be missed should he suffer from an unfortunate incident.****

Bodkin A. Hatpin

Chair of the Folk in Higher Accounting and Naming

*Her [late] Majesty, Queen Raelenna Silverhew

**Due to being flattened when she got on the wrong side of a giant’s foot.

***Or, more accurately, the Queen in Potentia.

****I should hope that I do not have to remind anyone of the Lengle fiasco a couple of queens ago.


Join me next Wednesday to see if the real Mira matches the Mira in Bodkin’s report and to learn exactly what it means to be having a pink lemonade day. 🙂