The Faerie Thief: The Ruby Queen’s Garden 013

The Ruby Queen's Garden (Episode One)“What are you thinking of when you find a door?” Lyra asked, her voice heavy with sleep.

Gwyn stared at the sky some more. A star-man contemplated three rosebushes before reaching out an plucking a rose from the middle bush. The rose melted away into a beautiful princess, and the other two bushes turned into her sisters. They cheered and danced as the ancient curse had been broken. At long last, they were free.


“I don’t know. Being able to visit with you. Doors to your realm are the only ones I’ve ever been able to find.”

“Hmmm. Well, what are you thinking when you try to summon a door?”

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Moon Bait (Part 4)

Curiosities-of-the-Moon-Curiosities-1-KindleThe cat thrashed and yowled as the rings drew something invisible, but bursting with being, from his center. The moon clamped her hands over her ears, but she didn’t miss the wink the cat gave her while he pitched a fit over losing his lives.

The magic in the clearing burned hot and bright, yet to the moon, it felt like something else altogether. Cold and ancient and riddled with holes.

The cat caught her eye again before he twisted in on himself and disappeared completely.

“Good riddance,” said the first when she noticed he’d gone.

“Now, silly child,” the second one brandished the shears, “all I need is three hairs from your pretty little head and you may go free.”

“My-my hair?” Out of all that had happened over the last few hours, it seemed odd that they would ask for something as normal and mundane as three strands of hair.

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Official: The Curious Leaf Has Now Set Sail



After an unexpected invasion of angry garden gnomes and a band of unruly pixies, The Curious Leaf has finally set sail.

So grab your maps, your compasses, a pinch of pixie dust (yes, the pixies might have been justified in being unruly), and anything else you might have handy and come along for the ride.

This week, I’ll be posting the covers for each story. The actual story part of the stories will begin next week (18 May 2015).

The elves are still refining pages and catching gremlins here and there, so * cookies and cupcakes * in advance for your patience. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the adventures that are yet to come!

Welcome–And an Update!


Welcome to The Curious Leaf. We’re so glad you stopped by. 🙂

The Storyteller-in-Chief is still ironing out some gremlins, stoking the dragons, and rounding up the pixies. But soon–soon!–we should be up and running and telling stories.

The Curious Leaf will function as a serialized serial at present. This means that the stories told will all be serials. (Think of a serial installment as an episode of your favorite TV show.) And each episode of the serials will be told over the course of one chapter per week.

The current schedule can be found in the right sidebar:

Monday: The Curious Leaf

Tuesday: The Faerie Thief

Wednesday: Mira Morganstein

Thursday: Secrets of the UnderWhere

As the Time Gnome permits, another story may be added on Fridays. More information on that to come.

Saturdays will be Days of Hodgepodge where anything might happen: book recommendations, visits from fairy tellers, Items of Interest, or perhaps nothing at all.

If you have a book you’d like to recommend or would like to guest blog as a fairy teller (author of fantasy, fairy tales, etc.) or anything else you think might be of interest to the Wonder-Kin*, please Contact Me and let me know!

The Curious Leaf will be up and running in February 2015, so mark your calendars and prepare to be enchanted–shortly. 😀


*What exactly is a Wonder-Kin, you ask? A Wonder-Kin is a person who is on a grand adventure to find every sort of Wonder, and is known to be caught by Flights of Fancy and captivated by Wit and Whimsy regularly.

A Wonder-Kin is the most marvelous of creatures who seizes the Extraordinary on a daily basis because they are able to see past the ordinary and the mundane to where the Magic and Mystery await them.

The Wonder-Kin like nothing better than scrumptious words that curl up in odd corners and are always delighted to meet new words. The Wonder-Kin have a special fondness for books and libraries, and can often be found with their nose in a book, their head in the clouds, and a dreamy expression in their eyes.

Much of their time is spent in one Story or another, chasing Truth and Beauty from one Curiosity to the next.

In short, a Wonder-Kin is family and looks a lot like you.