Bottomless*A short story set in the world of Tales of the Snow Queen* 

Lyralind hadn’t meant to steal the apple. Neither had she planned to put the Lord and Lady of Skye into a deep—and possibly eternal—sleep.

And she certainly hadn’t intended to bring about the end of the world in the process.
But, as any good thief knows, what you intend and what you get aren’t always the same thing.

Still, there is a chance she can save the world. She just has to single-handedly go against the most cunning evil the world has faced in a very long time.

Fortunately, she knows a back way in.

Bottomless is a short story (~8,000 words) set in the world of Tales of the Snow Queen. It takes place long before Baba Yaga ever stole Aneira away, and is best read before the second tale of the Snow Queen (Of Firebirds and Frost).

*Previously published in the Saltwater Curiosities anthology*

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