Of-Secrets-and-Snow-KindleOnce upon a time, the witch Baba Yaga stole a child from the mortal world and brought her to a land filled with magic. But after a hundred years of ice and wonder, Aneira is more than ready to return to her family.

But she can’t return home yet. Not without her mortal heart.

Never fear, the Babas Yaga are happy to help her—for a price.

One ancient ice dragon, to be exact. The very dragon Aneira accidentally released from his lifelong imprisonment.

The terms of the bargain are clear: catch the dragon, and the Babas Yaga will use their powers to retrieve Aneira’s mortal heart. Once she has her heart, she’ll be able to return home to the family she has long been missing.

Fail, and she will never see them again. Yet as horrible as that fate would be, there is still a fate far worse. For the great dragon Indigo has vowed to take revenge upon those who imprisoned him, even if it means turning the world into a wasteland of eternal winter.

In the final book of the Tales of the Snow Queen quartet, Aneira must face the one of the greatest threats the world has ever known: the great ice dragon Indigo.

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