A-Cloak-of-Frost-KindleOnce upon a time, in the deep of a wintry night, the North Wind blew through a tiny village, leaving behind a little girl with a shock of white hair and eyes the color of glass, who had an affinity for both cold and magic.

The one thing she didn’t have was a name.

But as she grew, so too did her magic. Until one fateful day when her magic got away from her in front of the entire village. The North Wind came to her rescue, but though he bore her far away from the village’s suspicions and fears, the only thing she wants is to return home to her mother and father.

Before she can return, however, she must master the magic that allows her to spin stories out of the air and into the world. But as she begins her journey, she discovers a greater threat to all she loves: shadows that eat away at the fabric of reality.

The Night herself steps forward and asks for her help. With a little direction from the North Wind, the girl without a name will be able to both learn to control her magic and stop the shadows. All she needs is a bright red feather, a drop of gold, and a jeweled fish.

Once upon a time a girl without a name entered a dark forest, walking along a path that stretched out before her like a gold ribbon . . .