What exactly is The Curious Leaf?

In some circles, it is a faerie ship made of an enchanted walnut shell with red maple leaf sails.

But in this corner of the internet, think of it as a gathering drawn around the fire dancing merrily in its bed of stone. A place where Storytellers come to share their tales, weave their dreams, and forget–for a while–the ravening world outside.

In its current incarnation, there exist four tales to be told over the course of a week. (More will be coming as the Gnome of Time allows.) These tales are:

  • The Curious Leaf which follows the adventures of one flower-turned-faerie and one faerie-turned-flower as they explore, discover, and dream. (Mondays)
  • The Faerie Thief which follows the story of a young faerie girl bent on escaping the Ruby Queen’s gardens, finding her parents, and creating a soul stone of her very own. (Tuesdays)
  • Mira Morganstein which follows the capers of the girl who would be queen–of the nearly dead fae. (Wednesdays)
  • Secrets of the Underwhere which follows the (mis)adventures of a monster and his boy. (Thursdays)

In keeping with the spirit of the campfire, all stories are, and will remain, family friendly and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Most of the characters shudder at the idea of kissing, if they even think of it at all. (Though, some being fairy tales, we must not entirely rule out True Love’s Kiss.) Curses really will be curses (in the eternal sleep, enchanted spinning wheel variety), and profanity will be limited to things muttered under the character’s breath (some things are best left to the imagination), or if more explicitly stated, “Horsefeathers!” and the like. There will be no gratuitous violence, and absolutely no gore. But there may be gingerbread. Ah, gingerbread!

Occasionally even Storytellers get sick, have to deal with goblin infestations, or glowering dragons demanding answers to impossible riddles. When this happens, the stories may take a short hiatus, but the Storyteller-in-Chief will do all that she can to limit such hiatuses.

So there you have it: The Curious Leaf 1.0.

Come. Draw up a chair, gather round the fire, and prepare to be enchanted!

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