Unforeseen Dragon Invasion

Eep! It’s been awhile. My humblest of apologies. A number of dragons decided to come to roost, which of course upset the cows, the goats, and a number of fair maidens.

But not to worry. Though a bit singed around the edges–and hair that’s quite a bit shorter (it grows back, right?)–we’re still up and running. Mostly. Behind the scenes where it appears a number of pixies have been stashing their Unwanted Things, and the squirrels of the kingdom have hidden an enchanted forest’s worth of acorns.

Serial posting shall resume on Monday (or thereabout).

In the meantime, I managed to set loose a couple of books while fighting off dragons on one hand and clearing up the clutter and acorns with the other. If you haven’t already, stop by and check out the shiny new pages:

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Things that are upcoming:

On the Writing Desk:

  • Reverie (Hopefully to be delivered to subscribers in April)
  • Sleeping Rose (To be published near the end of May)

On the Editing Pillory:

  • Wisped Away (Still plugging along.)
  • Curiosities of the Enchanted Forest (Also still plugging along.)