Mira Morganstein Queen of the Nearly Dead Fae Officially Launches



Every Wednesday we’ll be tagging along with Mira, Changeling, and a host of other Oddities as Mira explores her faerie gift–which happens to be the most awesome ever!

She’s in line to become a new faerie queen.

Of the Nearly Dead Fae.

* glares suspiciously at the zombie horde hiding in her closet *

No, not that kind. Zombies are a purely mortal invention. No, being a Queen of the Nearly Dead Fae doesn’t involve flamethrowers, holding back the faeries, or preventing said faeries from snacking on mortals.

Her job is much more important than that. It involves . . . well, you’ll see beginning on the 20th of May. Join Mira as she learns of her gift, travels to Faerie by Redacted, and attempts to find that tricky balance between choosing her own path and fate.

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