The Curious Leaf Officially Launches

TCL Cover

Explore new worlds with Kya and Hearthorne!

You can either click the “Come Aboard” link above or here to be taken to the main page. It’s a little bare now, but I’ll be keeping careful record once content is up (next week!). The look of The Curious Leaf page is likely to change in the future, but the content will be the same.

The-Curious-Leaf-An-Adventure-in-Wishing-Curiosities-0-KindleThe Curious Leaf will follow the adventures of Kya and Hearthorne (introduced in their first short story: The Curious Leaf: An Adventure in Wishing. If you’re subscribed to Scribed, you can read it for free. I will also be adding it to our library later this week, so you’ll be able to read it for free here.)

Their first voyage will be to the moon where they meet a very special creature (and sample the finest moon cheese) that sets off a chain of events that will guide their journey onward.

Details of their exploits will be posted every Monday beginning on 18 May 2015. (barring the occasional dragon problem). If you’d like to keep up to date, subscribe to this blog (top, right column) and get the updates delivered to your in box.

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Official: The Curious Leaf Has Now Set Sail



After an unexpected invasion of angry garden gnomes and a band of unruly pixies, The Curious Leaf has finally set sail.

So grab your maps, your compasses, a pinch of pixie dust (yes, the pixies might have been justified in being unruly), and anything else you might have handy and come along for the ride.

This week, I’ll be posting the covers for each story. The actual story part of the stories will begin next week (18 May 2015).

The elves are still refining pages and catching gremlins here and there, so * cookies and cupcakes * in advance for your patience. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the adventures that are yet to come!